September 2020

Doing magic at a birthday party. I mailed a prediction to them earlier that week. She picked a card and I couldn't find it. Then, the envelope.

These next 2 tricks are from January 24, 2020. Jamey and I were at The Black Bear Diner. In the 1st one, our waiter thought of a name of his old pet. My job was to try to guess it. It was pretty amazing. In the 2nd video, the crew gathered to watch some card magic. I totally dug their reactions. I think one of them at the end actually said "It's the devil!"

 Make sure your sound is on. Enjoy!

This video is a montage of some pretty cool reactions. The 1st part shows a brunch crowd liking some card magic.  the 2nd part is our waitress at Denny's. I asked her to think of any name she wanted and I would try to guess it. The next shows the cashier losing it as I change the 5 single dollar bills he counted back to me into 5 real one hundred dollar bills.

The 4th  part shows a deputy sheriff become a bit, let's say 'impressed' to HIS signature appearing on a card he just thought of in his head. 

That night, after the game, we ended up at Denny's. Our waiter Francisco was so nice. He really seemed astonished when the one dollar bills he gave me changed into hundred dollar bills. 

Here's a trick I did at Petco Park this summer. Katie, my daughter/videographer, was eating ice cream at the time.

Here's a video of me doing some magic at Petco Park this summer. Please excuse the camera work. My daughter and videographer, Katie, was eating a melting ice cream. This clip contains some salty language. Astonishment, however, is clearly uncontained.




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